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m 3 t i c (micro macro mokroïé’s travel in colors)

The Trial

( E x t r a s ) – Remixes

« ( E x t r a s ) » is a compilation of past remixes, oriented ‘club’,
with an unreleased track « Run (guitar mix) ».
A style exercise to be renewed ceaselessly, whether this is made by m o k r o ï é,
like in this case, or by external stakeholders as it will be in the future.
Photo sleeve : Robert Jaso – Official Website

Prey For Him (single)

Walking Skeleton (single edit)

The Door In My Head (single)

Introducing m o k r o ï é (instrumental)

p63 (additional drums-bass-guitar version)

Additional musicians :

Drums : François Labat / Bass : Denis Aplogan / Guitar : Nugzar Phantsulaya

Let me

Exclusive track from the Jérôme Sevrette ‘s Album TERRES NEUVES

more informations on : Les Éditions de Juillet