Francesco is a composer, producer, remixer, and founder of mokroïé.

mokroïé tells the violence inherent in life. Poetry in a colorful landscape or a gray sky. Despair, beauty, both pleasant moments and dark and icy chasms.

electro-rock, electro-pop, electro-indus, electro-soul, electro-orchestral, cinematic, ambient, dark, percussive, rough, brutal, hybrid, emotive

Francesco has turned his hypersensitivity into a strength. With the help of electronic music, he reveals his tormented imagination.

mokroïe is the village where Dmitri Karamazov experienced a moment of euphoria and intense happiness, followed by a moment of despair and pain of the same intensity (“The Brothers Karamazov” / F. Dostoyevsky)

mokroïé est le village où Dimitri Karamazov vécu un moment d’euphorie et de bonheur intense, suivi d’un moment de désespoir et de douleur de même intensité (« Les Frères Karamazov » / F. Dostoïevski)